Avantgarde Engineering LTD has operated in the field of architectural design and management for over twenty years.
Its scope of action is international.

It developed high quality and economic projects in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Central America.



Avantgarde Engineering LTD has curated, both in the public and private sectors, the technical/architectural and decorative design and supervision of the executive works of:

  • Private apartments of King Hassan II of Morocco, the Ministerial Conference Hall in the Médersa of the Great Mosque in Casablanca
  • World Bank Headquarters in Rabat
  • Hotel D’Anfà and Patio in Marrakesh
  • Hotel Mogador in Essaouira
  • Villa Miloud (3000 sqm)
  • Private villa in Bouskoura (Casablanca)
  • Private Villa Kamal in Fès
  • Private villa in Tunis

His experience also extends to the pure design of public and/or private structures, including:

  • Hotel Des Patios (80 rooms, 50 suites, 4 apartments, 4 bungalows) in Casablanca
  • Renovation of Hotel The Heights in Fès
  • Interior decoration of the Bahia Palace in Marrakesh
  • Rooms at the Crown Prince's Palace in "Les Sablons" in Rabat
  • Interior and exterior decoration of the "doukro" Conference Room in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  • Exterior renovation of university and administrative buildings of "Garyounis University" in Benghazi, Libya (4500 sq m)
  • Three multi-functional buildings including showroom, conference room, cafes and shops in the Garyounis University complex
  • New Grand Park in Libya, with hotels, residences, sports areas, shopping centres (656 hectares)
  • Interior and exterior decoration of the Hotel Extension, Ivory CoastCentre for international competitions sponsored by a Swiss company, including the Formula 1 Racetrack, residential and luxury hotel complex, recreation facilities and accommodations for workers and visitors, motocross circuit, horse and dromedary racing track, shopping area in typical Arabic style, vast residential area connected to a tourist marina and a park (3,000,000 sqm)
  • Interior and exterior decoration Mosque du Plateau, Ivory Coast
  • Interior and exterior decoration Mosque of Touba
  • Residential complex (240,000 cubic meters), including apartments, hotel with 200 rooms, shopping centre (80,000 cubic meters) marina and underground car parks in Casablanca
  • Campo Vita (area (850 sq. m.) including apartments, cafe/bar, canteen and recreational areas in Mabrouk, Libya




In 1994, the company, led by the architect Lino Barone, received from the Impregilo - Rizzani De Eccher Group the contract to develop a project for decorating the Grand Mosque Sheikh Zahyed Bin Sultan II designed by the Syrian architect Youssef Abdelky, winner of an international competition.

The project includes 65,000 sqm of fully paved area with marble inlays designed by Avantgarde's in-house team. In addition, the walls, windows and columns were decorated in every minimum detail with typical geometric inlays of the Arab Islamic tradition. The materials proposed in the project include marble, precious metals, plaster, wood and glass.

In the Middle Eastern areas Avantgarde also developed the following projects, including:

  • University Campus "The American University of the Middle East" set in a vast park (1,600,000 sqm), including, besides the university institutes, libraries, student accommodations, and a neighbouring residential area. This project was executed on behalf of an Italian businessman in Amman, Jordan
  • Preliminary project for the Tax Free area "Europe City" with cafe/bars, restaurants, shops, car parks (480,000 sqm), U.A.E.
  • The FOSSIL Corporate Show Room in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Pilot Project for the "Golf Club House" with a mosque, shops, cafe/bars, restaurants, presidential lounge (total 14,000 sqm), Dubai U.A.E.
  • Europe Tower business centre with offices and commercial area (35 floors, 42,000 sqm), Sharjah, U.A.E.
  • Project for interior decoration of the "American Colony" Hotel in Jerusalem
  • Interior decoration of the Ministry of Defence offices in Kuwait
  • Design, interior decoration and furnishings of Hotel Sana'a, Sana'a, Yemen
  • Renovation project of the Imperial Hotel with lobby, reception, shops, restaurant, rooms, suites and a greenhouse (5000 sqm) in the Old City of Jerusalem
  • Hotel Nusseibeh project with lobby, reception, shops, restaurant, rooms, suites (16,000 sqm), in Jerusalem
  • Proposal for the decoration of interiors for Al Bateen Palace in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.Architectural and decorative project of an underwater hotel including rooms, suites, offices, conference rooms, a pool and a spa, shopping areas, underground parking and a private marina, Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Renovation project and work management for the "Petra Hotel" consisting of a lobby, rooms, suites, shops, restaurants (5000 sqm) in the Old City of Jerusalem
  • Project for interior decoration and furnishings of Villa Gharafa in Doha, Qatar
  • Ministry of Defence Headquarters in Baku, Azerbaijan

Special mention to the pilot project for the reclamation of the Islamic quarter in Jerusalem that includes:

  • Urban planning, including the public square, lake and gardens;
  • Representative offices of the Morocco House with exhibition spaces for Moroccan crafts, shops, restaurants, theme cafe/bars and greenhouse;
  • Residences typical of the Old Town;
  • Renovation of the public craft market Souk Quattanin
  • Renovation of the old indoor Bazaar with handicraft shops and restaurants
  • Banquet hall for weddings (900 sqm), a restaurant that seats 600 patrons, a lobby, ballroom, and related services




Numerous projects have been completed and others are still in progress in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Among these is the renovation of the private rooms of former President Boris Yeltsin in the Kremlin Palace.

The other major projects are:

  • Winner of the competition for the architectural and decorative design of the Centre of Russian Culture and Religion (3000 sqm), Moscow
  • Project for the renovation of the Andreevskij Shopping Centre (15,000 sqm) which includes, in addition to shops, an exhibition centre and a conference hall, cafe/bars and restaurants, St. Petersburg
  • The Holiday Centre project includes 460 hotel rooms, a casino, a water park, shopping centre, restaurants, private dachas and a heliport, Sotchi
  • Winners of the competition for the design of a multifunctional academic centre and a hotel for the Sberbank Foundation, a 30-story Tower (80,000 cubic meters), St. Petersburg and Moscow respectively
  • Design and exterior decoration of Villa Jenia, Moscow
  • Design and exterior decoration of Villa Elena, Kiev
  • Renovation of apartments for the President and Vice-President of Surgutnestagass (1200 sqm), Moscow
  • Renovationof the Presidential Residence (600 sqm) in Surgut, Siberia
  • Design of a Private Villa (1200 sqm), Sotchi
  • Project for the interior decoration of a private building (1600 sqm), Moscow
  • Artistic consultant for the renovation of the Mosbusiness Bank offices, Moscow
  • Project for renovation of the corporate offices of Codest, MoscowProject for commercial and resort area including an indoor water park, five-star hotels, golf courses, sports centre, research centre, shopping and tourist areas, Cantacuzino in Bucharest, Romania.




In Mahè, capital of the Seychelles archipelago, Avantegarde was awarded in the construction of the new international airport of the city.
On the island of La Digue the project of a prestigious villa in which all the furnishings and decorations of stone, mosaic, wood and metal were custom designed and manufactured.




An important project was developed in Havana, capital of Cuba.

The renovation of Hotel Manzana de Gomez, a building on the list of monumental buildings located in the historic centre of the city. The hotel covers the surface of an entire city block. The draft was approved by the Administration and by the bodies responsible for the protection of monuments.

Another important project known as El Casino involves an area of residential expansion on the city's outskirts.

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